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arra di allas

Useless lovesongs (for all who need them)

Arra Di Allas is the solo project of Belgian singer and songwriter Astrid Creve. For more than 15 years she has been performing with and composing for both her own bands and international cross-over productionssuch as Belcirque, Mòs Ensemble, Pandax and many more. This project is a collection of some of her original songs that talk about love, which she labels: "Useless lovesongs (for all who need them)".


These songs are not a denial of the importance of love, neither does she claim that lovesongs are useless. In an honest way Di Allas shares her personal search for its meaning and its many faces, hoping it will give support to those who need it; rough and rational at times, naive and overly dramatic at others but always with a humorous and self-relativistic undertone.

Arra Di Allas is inspired by artists such as Sufjan Stevens, Lhasa de Sela, Bill Callahan,... and sporadically

hints to popmusic from the 70's and 80's. In the fall of 2023 she releases a first mini-album, titled: "Are you a sinking ship, or a submarine?". On this EP she features herself on mandolin, keys and sousaphone to accompany her warm and powerful voice, diving deep into her own unique landscape of sound.

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