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14.08.2022 Theater Op de Markt -Hasselt

13.08.2022 Theater Op de Markt -Hasselt

12.08.2022 Theater Op de Markt -Hasselt

11.08.2022 Theater Op de Markt -Hasselt

26.06.2022 Le Mans fait son cirque - Le Mans

25.06.2022 Le Mans fait son cirque - Le Mans

24.06.2022 Le Mans fait son cirque - Le Mans

10.04.2022 Arrète Ton Cirque - Paimpont

09.04.2022 Arrète Ton Cirque - Paimpont

08.04.2022 Arrète Ton Cirque - Paimpont

18.03.2022 UP festival - Bruxelles

17.03.2022 UP festival - Bruxelles

16.03.2022 UP festival - Bruxelles

15.03.2022 UP festival - Bruxelles

​06.02.2021 Entre2 BIAC - Vitrolles

​05.02.2021 Entre2 BIAC - Vitrolles

​04.02.2021 Entre2 BIAC - Vitrolles

25.10.2021 CIRCA - Auch

24.10.2021 CIRCA - Auch

23.10.2021 CIRCA - Auch

08.10.2021 Les Transversales - Verdun 

09.10.2021 Les Transversales - Verdun 

10.10.2021 Les Transversales - Verdun 

01.10.2021 Pont Audemer

02.10.2021 Pont Audemer

25.09.2021 Pont Audemer 

09.07.2021 to

14.07.2021 Festival d'Alba - (premières)​


Astrid Creve: vocals, keys, banjoline, sousaphone & percussion

Ondine Cantineau: vocals, banjo & guitar

Seraina de Block: vocals, trumpet & percussion

This musictrio was founded for PANDAX;  the new creation from Cirque La Compagnie and therefore they created the original soundtrack.


Astrid, Ondine & Seraina are involved in several Sur Mesure projects  as perfomring artists/musicians.

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The Petit Cabaret 1924 is a traveling show of the "variety" type with circus numbers, live music and an old-time setting!

Petit Cabaret 1924 will make you feel at home the moment you step in.
Take the time to have a glass of Champagne served with jazz and swing music background melodies in a friendly and comfortable environment. Petit Cabaret 1924 will steal your heart.
Talented and skilful artists will make the stage come alive with their display of amazing technical routines. Light-hearted, joyful and tear-jerking at the same time.

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