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Astrid Creve: vocals, keys, banjoline, sousafoon & percussie

Ondine Cantineau: vocals, banjo & gitaar

Seraina de Block: vocals, trompet & percussie

Dit muziektrio was werd gevormd voor PANDAX;  de nieuwe voorstelling van Cirque La Compagnie waarvoor ze de originele soundtrack creëerden.


Astrid, Ondine & Seraina zijn betrokken in verschillende projecten van Sur Mesur.

Meer over PANDAX --->


 © LisaBoniface


25.06.2023 Carros (FR)

24.06.2023 Carros (FR)

22.06.2023 Carros (FR)

14.06.2023 Cabries (FR)

13.06.2023 Cabries (FR)

11.06.2023 Cabries (FR)

04.06.2023 Théâtre de Grasse (FR)

03.06.2023 Théâtre de Grasse​ (FR)

02.06.2023 Théâtre de Grasse​ (FR)

27.05.2023 La Seyne Sur Mer​ (FR)

26.05.2023 La Seyne Sur Mer (FR)

25.05.2023 La Seyne Sur Mer​ (FR)

14.05.2023 Cirkl Leuven (BE)

13.05.2023 Cirkl Leuven (BE)

12.05.2023 Cirkl Leuven (BE)

23.04.2023 Festival Pisteurs d'Etoiles Obernai (FR)

22.04.2023 Festival Pisteurs d'Etoiles Obernai (FR)

21.04.2023 Festival Pisteurs d'Etoiles Obernai (FR)

14.04.2023 Festival Pisteurs d'Etoiles Obernai (FR)

04.02.2023 Turnhout (BE)

03.02.2023 Turnhout (BE)

02.02.2023 Turnhout (BE)

01.02.2023 Turnhout (BE)

22.01.2023 Festival Compli'cité - Huningue (FR)

20.01.2023 Festival Compli'cité - Huningue (FR)

19.01.2023 Festival Compli'cité - Huningue (FR)




The Petit Cabaret 1924 is a traveling show of the "variety" type with circus numbers, live music and an old-time setting!

Petit Cabaret 1924 will make you feel at home the moment you step in.
Take the time to have a glass of Champagne served with jazz and swing music background melodies in a friendly and comfortable environment. Petit Cabaret 1924 will steal your heart.
Talented and skilful artists will make the stage come alive with their display of amazing technical routines. Light-hearted, joyful and tear-jerking at the same time.

Find out more about Petit Cabaret 1924 --->

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