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The Belgian group Belcirque weaves together vocal harmonies, horns, guitars, bass and percussion into one magic whole. Belcirque’s music is a fine blend of voices singing in different languages. The 3 albums ‘Boîte de Carton' (2014), 'The Tallest Man' (2018) and the most recent 'La Grande Fête' (2021) are decorated with stories in English, French and Spanish.

Belcirque's songs, filled with wonderment and colour, invite you into their own universe, far away from the day-to-day hustle and bustle. You can hear influences of swing, folk & pop music. Sometimes it even feels like you are pulled back in time, though each song first and foremost sounds like... Belcirque.

Since 2013 this 7-piece band turned many venues upside down; music halls, street theatre, festivals big and small, ... Belcirque can be spotted in Europe, the UK, and even in South Korea.


Kris Auman - double bass & electric bass

Ondine Cantineau - vocals & acoustic guitar

Astrid Creve - Lead vocals

Julia Emmery -  vocals & trombone

Seraina De Block - vocals & trumpet

Marijke Hellemans - lead guitar & ukulele

Yves Peeters - percussion




coming soon


The Tallest Man 2018

Boîte De Carton + CD 2014

A Tribute to F. Transit (Demo) 2010



upcoming shows

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past shows

21.05.2021                                  LES PETITS MARDIS                                  Live Stream

09.05.2021                                  KULTUR RORBOZ                                      Rorbas CH

08.05.2021                                  BüHNE MARBACH                                      Marbach CH

07.05.2021                                  KULTUR IM PHILO                                    Langenburg CH

16.03.2021                                  LES PETITS MARDIS                                  Live Stream 

23.02.2021                                  LES PETITS MARDIS                                  Live Stream

26.01.2021                                  LES PETITS MARDIS                                  Live Stream

19.01.2021                                  LES PETITS MARDIS                                  Live Stream





Belcirque by Sur Mesure info@belcirque.be

Seraina De Block +32 (0)489 24 45 80